Cámaras de Seguridad
DVR y Equipos de Monitoreo
8 CH de video, 4 CH de audio, Grabacion Full 960H @ 8 CH, Android- Iphone, BNC-RCA-VGA-HDMI.

Resolucion en visualizacion y grabacion en 960H ( 960x480)



Video Input/Output BNC 8 CH In/ 1 CH Out, VGA 1 CH Out, HDMI 1 CH Out
Audio Input/Output RCA 4CH In/ 1 CH Out
Compression Method H.264
Real Time Recording Support CIF: 353x240 with 120 fps (NTSC), 352x288 with 100 fps (PAL); D1: 720x480 with 120 fps (NTSC), 704x576 with 100 fps (PAL)
Preview Resolution 720x480 (NTSC), 704x576 (PAL)
Playback Resolution D1 x 8
Hexañplex operation simultaneously Preview, recording, playback and network live, backup, playback
  1 RJ-45 Ethernet concector, Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS, Support Internet Explorer and special client software
  PTZ, RS485 x 1, 2xUSB, 1 Irx Controller
  1 SATA Hard Disk interface ( Up to 4 TB)
Backup USB 2.0 and Network
Support remote view Mobilephone
Dimensions (LxWxH) 354 mm x 245 mm x 45 mm , weight: 4,0 Kg.